"We work behind the big events
events of this world." 

Experts for worldwide event infrastructure.

Our brands

formative in the event business.

Shared values that create synergies and cohesion.

We live flat hierarchies and constructive cooperation with loyalty, esteem and respect. 

The aim of our joint work in the Group is to sustainably increase value in all segments in the interests of our stakeholders. These include employees, customers and shareholders alike.

It is therefore a matter of course for us that our economic goals are in harmony with our values.

Our guidelines


The basis of our success to date and our impeccable reputation is our willingness to go above and beyond and make the impossible possible. This is how we convince our customers time and time again to remain their full-service provider of choice.


In order to maintain our level of performance in the future, the entire team is constantly working on improving work processes and our materials. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement in order to realize synergies and knowledge sharing across the entire group.


Transparency and respect are our top priorities. Our business is largely driven by good relationships. A trust-building exchange with our customers and employees is therefore a basic prerequisite for our success.

Worldwide locations

- 5 locations in Germany
- The Netherlands
- 2 locations in England
- North America
- Australia

and 12 distribution offices around the world.