Our products

make unforgettable events possible.

This is our common goal at EVAGO. To achieve this, we offer a range of exclusive entry-level products that can be seamlessly supplemented with cross-sell and upsell solutions as required. solutions.

Barrier systems

EVAGO guarantees safe walkways, prevents overcrowding and offers flexible solutions for events of all types and sizes. With MOJO Barriers we have developed an exclusive product range of the highest quality and material diversity. The lightweight and modular designs facilitate transport, storage and assembly - and thus optimize logistical processes for our customers. 

 Our portfolio includes barrier systems for crowds and vehicles, (mobile) fences, barrier posts and tapes as well as people and traffic guidance systems.

Our robust metal barriers are designed to prevent unauthorized access and direct the flow of people - for maximum security to industry standards. 


We stock a wide range of floor protection equipment, from pedestrian flooring to heavy-duty flooring. Our robust, interlocking tiles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and create a stable and even surface on a wide variety of terrains. stable and even surface on a wide variety of terrains. EVAGO is also characterized by the world's most comprehensive range of high-quality Terraplas products - a unique added value for our customers! 

 EVAGO's ground protection protects natural and sensitive areas and minimizes the ecological impact of events. In addition, our professional equipment ensures a safe environment and reduces the risk of accidents for visitors and staff. In addition, the professional appearance of clean, stable and well-defined paths and work areas creates a better event atmosphere.

Stage, lighting, sound and seating

Our range includes various types of stages, lighting fixtures (spotlights, floodlights, moving heads, LED panels), high-quality sound systems (loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixing consoles) and various seating options (chairs, bleachers, grandstands, VIP seating areas). Here, too, we have committed ourselves to a modular concept in which the various products can be configured according to customer requirements. 


Our modular containers and interior solutions offer maximum flexibility for various purposes, e.g. as offices, hygiene facilities or monitoring stations.

The stackable and linkable containers can be extended horizontally and vertically. Different room sizes and layouts can be configured, and the interior can also be extended at a later date if required. Our versatile indoor solutions, including furniture, mobile heaters, power distributors and refrigerators, provide flexibility in terms of event locations and weather conditions.