close to our customers.

Phase 1:

Advice and planning


Understanding the needs, goals and visions of our customers - for us, this is the first step towards a successful event. To this end, we conduct in-depth discussions in advance and also visit our customers on site. This enables us to offer products and solutions that are ideally tailored to the requirements of the event in question. 

Regulation management:

We carry out a meticulous inspection of the existing infrastructure, including electricity, water and sewage supplies. Our team also communicates with local authorities such as the fire department, the police and the district administration, to ensure compliance with regional regulations.



Our CAD experts create detailed plans that enable precise visualization of the event setup. The computer-aided design enables modular setups with customizable traffic and escape routes for events of any size.




Thanks to our optimized logistics processes, we guarantee a safe and punctual delivery.

Delivery. Our excellently organized inventory system enables smooth transport and fast loading and unloading of equipment.


After the event, we ensure the systematic dismantling of the modular units. Our specialized dismantling teams use their expertise to ensure fast and efficient dismantling to the highest safety standards. Structured processes also avoid costly delays.


Our experienced staff provides on-site supervision and ensures fast and efficient installation of the entire EVAGO product portfolio. We place great emphasis on safety and adhere to strict protocols, to ensure a smooth set-up and prevent potential hazards during the event.

Focus on quality assurance

EVAGOS internally developed transport racks

Protecting our high-quality material during transportation is an important aspect of our services. Our internally developed transport racks are the key to easy handling, optimizing truck loading capacity and the longevity of our material.


EVAGO's innovative approach: To meet our quality standards, we take the unique approach of developing our own transport racks and protective covers for our equipment. A large part of our rental portfolio is transported in these specially developed covers. The customized protective covers and racks ensure safe transport and a long service life for our equipment.


Best quality for the entire rental period:

The equipment we lend out is delivered in top condition, as good as new. Our customers can therefore always rely on clean, functional and safety-compliant material.

Maximum flexibility

Some of our transport cases are equipped with castors, which makes the transportation process and handling easier. For our customers, this primarily means greater safety and efficiency when assembling and dismantling the material. 

Quality pays off:

At EVAGO, we believe that it is worth investing in the development of new and innovative transport protection. In this way, we ensure that our equipment remains in perfect condition for a long time and is ready for use as soon as it is rented. On average, the investment is amortized over a period of two years

EVENT security in FOCUS:

Technically supported G3 barriers from EVAGO

At EVAGO, safety comes first. Our technology-supported G3 barriers enable smooth crowd management, accident prevention and real-time monitoring.

Focus on critical safety aspects

To prevent accidents and ensure lasting safety, you need to be aware of the potential dangers of crowd accidents. Such incidents often occur due to inadequate crowd management at crowded events. Dangerous situations can arise, for example, when the pressure on the front rows increases. Proactive measures, including the use of smart infrastructure, are crucial to prevent such incidents. 

A technological innovation:

EVAGOS G3 barriers with Barrier Load Monitor System (BLMS)

With the development of the Barrier Load Monitor System (BLMS), EVAGO has become a pioneer in new crowd management technologies. BLMS measures the pressure on the barriers in real time so that security staff can intervene quickly and effectively if necessary and prevent accidents. The safety of every single visitor is important to us - that's why our barriers, developed in-house and produced in collaboration with renowned partners, meet the highest quality standards. 

Advantages of the G3 barriers:

The Secret of Success

Accident prevention: Real-time monitoring via an integrated IT interface enables the early detection of risks and thus helps to prevent accidents.

Data collection: The data collected provides information about visitor flows and can be relevant for the future design of the event location as well as for control strategies.

Security awareness: Visitors who feel comfortable during the event thanks to proactive security measures are more likely to return. 

 Protection of the artists: The safety of the artists is increased, as attempts to gain unauthorized access to the stage can be detected and prevented in advance.

 User-friendliness: The interface displays adjustable pressure thresholds. The safety personnel are only notified if these are exceeded. 

 Minimizing the liability risk: The G3 barriers not only ensure maximum security, they also limit the liability risk of event management.


End markets

Reliable solutions for diverse end markets.

At EVAGO, we are proud to act as a trusted partner for many prominent artists, tour and production managers. Thanks to our close relationships with the various event venues, we are able to provide diverse client base with a wide range of projects and suitable upsell options. 

1. live entertainment:

As the ideal partner for live entertainment, EVAGO provides security and the relevant technical infrastructure for events of all sizes. We are proud to have been involved in events such as Rolling Loud (US) and Lollapalooza (Paris) and have contributed to the flawless execution of these unforgettable live experiences.

2. company:

EVAGO specializes in tailor-made events that increase brand visibility and leave a lasting impression. Our clients, including Audi, Bosch and the BMW Group, trust us to organize exceptional corporate extraordinary corporate events, from company anniversaries to family days.

3. authorities:

In the area of official events, EVAGO is characterized by a high degree of professionalism and reliability. We have already managed events for the Secret Service, the BMF and the G7 summit and are very familiar with the specific and are very familiar with the specific requirements of government events. 

4. sport:

EVAGO has extensive experience in organizing sporting events, from local tournaments to world championships. As a reliable partner, we were responsible for the Biathlon and Luge World Cup 2023 in Oberhof.